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Karvetski, C. W., Meinel, C., Maxwell, D. T., Lu, Y., Mellers, B. A., & Tetlock, P. E. (2022). What do forecasting rationales reveal about thinking patterns of top geopolitical forecasters?. International Journal of Forecasting, 38(2), 688-704.

Tetlock, P. E., Lu, Y., & Mellers, B. A. (2023). False dichotomy alert: Improving subjective-probability estimates vs. raising awareness of systemic risk. International Journal of Forecasting, 39(2), 1021-1025.

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Mellers, B. A., McCoy, J. P., Lu, L., & Tetlock, P. E. (2023). Human and Algorithmic Predictions in Geopolitical Forecasting: Quantifying Uncertainty in Hard-to-Quantify Domains. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 0(0).

Working Papers

Clark, C. J., ... Lu, Y., ... & Wilson, A. Scientific censorship by scientists: A review and research agenda. Submitted to Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Clark, C. J., Fjeldmark, M., Lu, Y., ... & Tetlock, P. E. Taboos and Self-Censorship Among Psychology Professors. Submitted to Perspectives on Psychological Science.

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